I was very impressed with the quality of Mike’s work on our FAQ project. He’s a knowledgeable resource who came up with great material for us and positioned it in a well-laid-out way.

Craig Cameron, Content Director, Hockey Canada

Working with Mike has been an absolute pleasure! His dedication to his clients’ success is evident through his comprehensive research into Evolve Design Build’s products and goals. He is professional, articulate, and has a rationale behind every decision he makes. I would highly recommend!

Jules Galloway, Founder, Evolve Design |Build

I’m new to freelance writing and content marketing, and I don’t yet understand how to manage the business side of it. I came to Mike’s workshop, “Cash Fail to Cash Flow”, looking for advice. I’ve attended similar workshops in the past, but usually about 3/4 of the information is irrelevant or information I can’t apply, leaving only bits and pieces of good information to take home. Mike’s workshop was exceptional, because in only four hours he covered the basics on how to find your own brand personality that’s true to who you are, mix in professionalism, and put your brand out in the world without becoming a commodity. All of his tips for achieving success were valuable and doable, and I left the workshop feeling confident that I can have a successful freelance business!

Elina Briezkalne, Best Value Media

You spend years building your brand, and it’s a harrowing and painstaking journey. So when I asked Mike to tackle the brand refresh for the Okanagan coLab (okcolab.com), I had some fears about my company losing the essence of its unique identity.

Mike immediately put my mind at ease: his attitude, his skills and his professionalism blew me away at every stage of the project. He took the initiative to solve problems as soon as they would arise. He shines under intense pressure, and he gave us stellar creative work — on time and on budget. He’s one of the few true experts in the industry.

Since the initial rebrand, Mike and I have collaborated on several other projects. Each time I have worked with him I’ve seen a tremendous impact on coLab as a business, through growing audience engagement, and most importantly, increased leads and sales. I’ve worked with other writers before, but I’ve never seen anything like the results that Mike delivered. He’s also easy to get along with, and working with him is a whole lot of FUN!

If you want to see how brand storytelling and copywriting can help you build a loyal tribe and grow your business, Mike is your guy. I’ve experienced these benefits firsthand. I would highly recommend Mike — and I do so regularly to other business owners!

Shane Austin, Cofounder, Okanagan coLab

Thank you so much for letting me join the call. I’ve been wanting to go to one of Mike’s presentations for a while, and it was great! I have a whole page of notes, and it also caused me to rethink some of my draft messaging for my new site before I publish it.

Sarah Stang, Sarah Stang Consulting

I was a little worried that Mike wouldn’t ‘get’ the product (GotDone.me), as even I have had trouble succinctly describing what my product is. Thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be an issue. Mike instantly understood what I was trying to do. My favourite part of working with him was the onboarding questionnaire – that really set the standard for the whole project, and I instantly felt safe. That’s when it became clear to me that Mike knew what he was doing. I was too close to the product to clearly see where my marketing was failing, so it was very helpful to hear insights from someone who understands the product and understands how to position it for the target audience. Communication and expectations were very clear right from the beginning, and I was very pleased with the end result.

Timm Stokke, GotDone