I first found Mike through a workshop he was hosting, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Afterward I started putting together some B2B marketing materials for my business, Orchard City, but I needed some help with the wordsmithing. Mike put together a fabulous project proposal that emphasized the human side of being a web developer, which is a big part of my brand. I loved the work that he put together – he created some great assets that were surprisingly technically accurate. He really captured the meta-concepts that come with web design while also building a strong argument against the DIY web builders that are out there.

A few months later, I took a full-time job with a local web development company. We had a need for a copywriter and I strongly recommended Mike for the project. Mike did a great job on the project proposal. My boss loved it, and Mike actually made ME look good for insisting we use him!

I even recommended Mike to my sister when she was looking for a copywriter. She needed someone who could package a product in a digestible way. Mike is one of the best copywriters I have ever run into, so he was the obvious choice.

Jordan Edwards, Orchard City Web Development